Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Help Me! Mashed Potatoes!

Since I'm in need of help, I figure it's appropriate to revisit my favorite Geico commercial starring Little Richard and Denise Basik. Denise is one of my idols because she's cute and was able to keep a relatively straight face while sitting next to Little Richard.

You can help me, not by yelling "Mashed potatoes!" even though I would enjoy that, but by clicking here to beg Blogger to unfreeze my regular blog. You can also go to this thread. Don't forget to leave my URL: http://wbjewelry.blogspot.com. I challenge you to leave a highlarious message for Blogger just like Pistols did. This is a work of art. Thank you, Pistols! I thank you, and America thanks you.

Dear Blogger people,

Have I mentioned recently that the blog at http://wbjewelry.blogspot.com
isn't spam and should be unblocked? Well, I should, because it's

Kind of like LBJ's Great Society. I bet that somewhere at
http://wbjewelry.blogspot.com, there's a really important post about
the Great Society that Wendy's been unable to publish because you've
blocked her forever.

Quit being jerks, because it's hurting America.

You know what isn't hurting America? http://wbjewelry.blogspot.com.
So unlock it.

--pistols at dawn.

If you leave a message, please let me know so I can thank you!

Moira of Dog Art Today
The lovable Pomegranate and Patchouli


Pomegranate said...

Hi.. I commented on both links/threads. Hope they unlock it soon.

WendyB said...

I heart you, Pomegranate!